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No one knows

Bronze is a strong material and requires a lot of efforts to become vibrant, transparent, flexible and strong at the same time.

Time is cliner & Magnifie

I like my artworks be intelligent. I want them to be able to speak about themselves. That’s why my artworks are conceptual.


Starting from my early steps up to now I can differentiate groups of works that can be called artistic periods: cycles, iron cages, girls, iron frames, etc. The period connected with female figures is associated with infinite femininity, beauty of lines and postures.


My works are never limited inside one type of technique. If I don’t manage bronze and don’t handle different techniques, I would be stuck in stagnation forever. Stagnation, a hell for an artist.


My works are not just figures having more or less forms, but a composition made of different elements and coexistence of different styles within one work.


I am creating in figurative style, as I use mostly human or animal figures. But I never isolate my work in the frames of one style. If the concept requires more than one style I will refer to different directions to find the best one to build my concept.

Thats how everything started..

It was summer of 2000, I saw a big log in the backyard and decided to carve a lion out of it. Before that, I had already done some works but not in that size. And when I began I noticed that the log had cracks on both sides, it had to be cut so that the middle part could be used. So we started cutting it with my backyard friends and that process turned into an event. After that, when I started working on that lion, all people were coming and asking me what went on, when it would be ready. I was responding I’ll tell when it’s done. When it was ready I brought it down to the backyard and I saw the excitement and attitude of those people. That was, so to say, my first solo exhibition.


Les Jardins D'Étretat

Bronze, iron

Tadevosyan's works are conceptual, lyrical and metaphysical. In his figurative sculpture the artist explores tension and connections between allegory and realism, small-scale and monumental objects. In his every work Tadevosyan wishes to express the ambivalence and complexity of human nature.Summer is about the changing rhythms of the cycles of life represented by each figure moving in opposite direction.

Photo by Sonya


Les Jardins D'Étretat

Bronze , Iron

Cardiogram symbolizes the highs and lows of human life, its aspirations, highest and lowest points. It is the allegory of life lived to the full.


Photo by Ella Marmara


Everything starts with an idea. Having an idea is fundamental for conceiving and creating an artwork. Once the idea is here, it is so volatile, immaterial and untouchable. The artist catches the idea planning in air and transform it to a touchable and visual object. This transformation is the art of sculpture.

What I look to see in my works is the movement. I understand well that by their physical nature artwork are static, they can’t move, change the position. So to give some life to them I try create the illusion of movement.

Photo by Olga Druznina

 The most important to me is the combination of line and form. It is kind of talk in the composition. My challenge is to find the conversation that will be  pleasant to listen by viewer.

Everyday hardworking, reading, drawing, studying, searching and challenging these are the “obvious secrets” of success in art.